Well, Koko Vaporizer

The Uwell KOKO series of portable vaporizers offers a compact, yet efficient, easy to use electronic vaporizer with variable settings for temperate, concentrate, and cool flavors. The UWELL KOKO series is very easy to use and has a unique ease of use that make them well liked by most vapers. The UWELL KOKO series is available in two different models, the Chronomaster XL. The first one is a high quality stainless steel vaporizer that use a slim rectangle shape for the tank, and it has a rechargeable lithium-polymer battery. It also features a dual LED indicator and a high-power dual concentrator unit for extremely fast heating times.

Uwell koko

The UWELL Chronomaster also has a rechargeable lithium-polymer battery and has a new glass tube that allows for a clean and easy draw. The stainless steel vaporizer has a unique stainless steel exterior finish that can be etched and comes with two interchangeable Mouthpiece replacement cartridges that allow you to use one cartridge for both cooling and heating. The uwell pod system makes it easy to draw from the included two reservoir chambers, and the draw ports are easy to handle. The Uwell KOKO has a powerful dual airflow system that allows you to choose an airflow size that is perfect for your individual tastes.

The Uwell KOKO has three different reservoir sizes and the main differences in these sizes are based on how many draw patterns or flavors they can support. There is an extra wide draw tube that can support up to eight draws at a time, but only two at the lowest. This is important because you do not want to draw too much air in because it can cause a problem with your vapor compression. You can use the top-fill option in conjunction with the well vaporizer or with the kokoke, which has a larger tube and more suction power for your double and flavorings. If you are going heavy on the draw the uwell kokoke will perform better.

The Uwell Koko has a unique and convenient electronic temperature dial, which allows you to vary the temperature of your vaporizing experience without having to continually turn the knob. It works with either the included digital thermometer or the new Mico Probe thermometer that can be easily removed and replaced with a new one if desired. The KOKO offers a two year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship for both the electronic and the heating component of the vaporizer. The vaporizer offers an electronic air filter, which can be changed out with the replacement cartridge.

The vaporizer and the entire uwell pod system are made out of high quality material, which includes high-end heating elements and dual stainless steel bases that provide durability and reliability. The stainless steel base is especially nice because it allows the heat intensity to be varied without compromising the overall build quality of the unit. The stainless steel dual bases used with the vaporizers are extremely durable and strong. The vaporizer components use two separate plates for the heat concentration settings. The high quality construction of the heating components allow them to withstand high temperatures and the constant replacement of batteries is essential in keeping them operating at their optimal performance.

The vaporizers can be fully enjoyed and vaped even when there is little or no e-juice stored within them. The Uwell koko has a built in rechargeable NiCad battery, which offers the best build quality along with the longest lasting run times. It takes approximately seven hours to recharge the battery using the included charger. The included charger offers the ability to be interchangeable, which makes it easy to change out the batteries for different models. The built in charger also offers the ability to be compatible with the popular Smoketto atomizer and other devices that use that type of cartridge.

One of the key selling points of the Uwell hook kit is the easy to use side buttons and clear front panel that make it simple to follow the step by step instructions included. The kit comes with the device itself, a carrying case, and the necessary batteries to complete the job. The included starter kit includes a stainless steel coil that can be used to create flavorful and powerful e-juice. Included in the kit are five extra coils that can be added to the coil kit to create an impressive herbal product. When you open the kit, you will see a glass tube with instructions on how to construct your own personalized flavorful e-juice.

The vaporizer, tank, and drip kit come together in a user friendly package that makes it easy to experience the benefits of vaporizing. The Uwell hook kit has an adjustable airflow control that can be adjusted to your individual preferences. The kit offers a unique feature where the airflow can be adjusted depending on your personal preference, such as the amount of vapor created with the built in atomizer or the amount of steam produced through the side vents. You have the option of adjusting the airflow as needed to create a customized, highly potent vapor experience that you will love.