Well, Koko Vaporizer Review

Uwell koko

Well, Koko Vaporizer Review

Well, Koko electric juice maker is probably one of the most popular and best juicers on the market today. It offers you top quality at an affordable price, and it’s made using high tech materials that won’t let you down. The reason for this is because this brand uses a high quality quartz crystal which is extremely durable. Also, the body is made of durable stainless steel. In addition to this, it comes with three high-powered pods, and it even has a digital counter for showing how much your ever-increasing stack is.

There are some major positives to Uwell Koko Juice, including its durability. The outer shell is made of tough glass that will protect your unit, as well as keep the inner components from getting scratched up. The outer cover has two big snap shut lids where you can put your triple gel pod and replace them whenever they get accidentally squeezed out. Inside, you’ll find a black exterior shell with stainless steel door slides. On the inside, you’ll find the micro usb charging port, an LCD screen, and an auto shut off feature so your juicer will be safe even while it’s in use.

One of the most unique things about Uwell Koko Juice is the way it gets ready to dispense the juice. Instead of using a manual paper clip or twist and pull technique, it dispenses the juice just like a bottle of water. This makes it very convenient, especially if you have a large amount to put into your mouth at once. You simply take your micro usb cord and plug the cord into the power source. Then, turn the power switch on, and you can start pumping your favorite flavors right into your mouth!

One of the great things about Uwell Koko Juice is that you can customize your flavors. You can choose from several popular juices such as banana, carrot, orange, and apple to name a few. To make them even tastier, you can add some sweetener to them such as agave nectar. The result is an incredible throat rinse that tastes like an ice cream shop on ice. A fantastic thing about this evaporator is the built in LED battery life indicator, which makes it easy to see when your batteries are low.

Like all vaporizers, the Uwell Koko Juice comes with a vaporizer head that has a fairly loose to draw. This means that the vapor you inhale doesn’t go too far back into your lungs. This makes for a very nice experience, since you can enjoy a large amount of flavor without worrying about being overly burned out.

Another great thing about Uwell Koko Juice is the wide range of flavors that you can enjoy. It comes with a variety of flavors such as banana, carrot, orange, and apple. It also has a rather tasty lemon flavor. It is fairly loose to draw so you won’t have to worry about getting hit in the throat by a strong blast. It even has a rather unique blend of herbal flavors. The best part is that all these flavors come in at least four different strength levels.

As far as the vapor itself goes, the flavor is quite good. I would classify it as a medium through medium plus. The taste is very rich with a very sweet hint. The only flavor that I could not finish was the apple, but it wasn’t because I couldn’t really smell it. The Uwell Koko Juice retails for around forty dollars US and can be found online at many reputable retailers such as Amazon and ebay.

In conclusion, the Uwell Koko Juice Pod is a cool evaporator with a decent price. The reason why I think it is worth it is because it allows you to use all of your favorite flavors. Plus, the pod replacement containers make the pod replacement easy. So what are you waiting for? Buy the original pods and experience the difference.