Well Crown Vaporizer Review

Shop the revolutionary Uwell Crown Pod system, a portable vaporizer, applying a high 1250mAh rechargeable Battery, double parallel coil setting, and is compatible with a plethora of other pods with various pod-based airflow controls which will entertain MTL or DTLaping. The Uwell Crown Vaporizer utilizes a patented Adjustable Variable Voltage Technology (AVRT) that allows you to set the power you need for your specific needs. Utilizing the AVRT technology the Uwell Crown Vaporizer is very safe and does not emit carbon dioxide, nitrogen, or any form of toxic smoke. It is also very easy to clean, which makes it an eco-friendly vaporizer.

There are several unique characteristics that the Uwell Crown vaporizer system has that makes it so convenient and easy to use. It features a double parallel coil system that provides a larger surface area for the vapor to travel, which increases the amount of vaporization and freshness you get from each and every puff. You can even adjust the temperature from cool to warm so that you can make customized adjustments for what you are comfortable with.

The Uwell Crown utilizes a unique glass tank that is imported organic cotton. The imported organic cotton ensures that there is an even heat distribution within the tank. This heat distribution assures that the temperature of the Uwell Crown is consistent. It has a wide mouth design that allows for easy filling. It also has two large snaps on adjustable airways. It is easy to fill the tank by utilizing a one finger click or using the patented pumping method.

Another great feature of the Uwell Crown device is the large display which shows the actual wattage used. This is great for those who are counting on getting the right amount of wattage. Other features of the Uwell Crown pod kit include the ion exchange system that balances the electrolytes of the batteries. It also helps to prevent corrosion of the batteries, which is common with many ionic batteries.

One of the greatest features of the Uwell Crown pod kit is that it does not use traditional batteries but instead it uses a revolutionary new kind of battery called the NiMH type. This new type of battery is totally safe and completely environmentally safe. NiMH batteries have proven to be a lot safer for people to use than traditional batteries. The NiMH battery actually stops fire as soon as it detects a small spill.

The Uwell Crown utilizes a dual adjustment system which allows users to adjust the airflow in either rapid or slow settings. It is a great feature because it means you can choose how much vapor you want with your Uwell Crown. It also features an adjustable airflow key which is great for patients who are really uncomfortable and need extra support while using their vaporizer.

One of the biggest complaints about Uwell machines has been that there is no option for adjusting the airflow. The reason why this happens is that the old style of machine did not have a built in airflow option; the only option was to use the included mesh coil. This mesh coil can get quite hot and then needs to be removed and cleaned before each use. The Crown utilizes a new and innovative quick changing USB connection to add an adjustable airflow with the power of the included USB port.

The Uwell Crown vaporizer also has a two year limited warranty. If you do not feel comfortable with this fact then simply do not purchase the product. I personally would not waste my money on any vaporizer that had such a short warranty. The two-year limited warranty will extend to the actual date of purchase. You cannot extend this warranty to fill your pocket. Make sure you are happy with your purchase.