Well Crown Pod Kit – Providing Superior Quality Airflow

The Uwell Crown 3 Sub-Ohmic Tank is a top-performing sub-ohm tank with excellent build, a built in Filter, and convenient Pull and Plug coil system. The new improved version of the Uwell Crown is the Uwell Striker V. They are manufactured with a new and improved coil technology that allows it to run longer lasting than before and with a tighter and more precise wattage band. They also now include a new and improved electrical connection which results in a better performance from the unit. The Uwell Crown is designed with a new heating system that includes a patented Easy Fill Technology. This guarantees you get a prefect amount of vapor each time you refill.

Uwell Crown

It has the unique and advanced “Duo Port Coil System” which means two coils inside one single housing. This ensures you get the best possible performance from this unit. With the Dual Parallel Coil System, you can be sure that you get double the power from your Uwell batteries. It has a large Ni metal battery that has been charged to over a thousand degrees Celsius which gives it the ability to produce super fast wick exhaust.

It has two interchangeable top tanks called the Advocate/Pro/HC/HC Premier Kit which is the highest rated tank by many a reviews online. The tank that comes with the kit is the Uwell Crown Mini and the Uwell Crown Enclosure which are the smallest tank in the uwell empire. It also has two beautiful and efficient high external Resistance Carbon Resins and an Accucel Carbon Chamber. The chambers help to reduce internal temperature variation and increase airflow circulation.

This kit has been designed and is compatible with all original Uwell coils including the Uwell Pro Coil, Uwell Crown Mini, Uwell Enclosure and the Uwell Striker V. It has an exceptional design that includes an exclusive two-stage airflow adjustment. It has a fully insulated heating chamber which is enclosed by two precision-cut silicone rubber gaskets. One of the most important features of this system is its unique airflow adjustment. This feature allows you to fine tune the amount of air flow through the coils. The pre-set airflow capacity has been increased from a total of fifteen to twenty-five percent, which gives it the ability to adjust the moisture content that is contained within your reservoir by using ten percent less coils.

With the Uwell Crown Mini, you will notice that the outer shell of this kit has been completely redesigned. The outer shell has been improved by adding a new and innovative double insulation layer. In addition to that, the tank comes with its own high density capillary spring. The spring helps to regulate the inner pressure of the water that is contained inside the tank. The tank comes with three interchangeable nozzles and the entire system is made out of surgical stainless steel for a longer lifespan.

Just like the original Uwell Mini, the tank comes with a two stage adjustable airflow system with variable wattage ranges. If you would like to increase the wattage range, simply remove the dual concentrator coils and simply add another set. Alternatively, if you would like to lower the wattage range, simply remove the dual concentrator coils and add a single concentrator coil. The tank comes with a safety shut-off cap to ensure that your power is turned off when you are not using it.

As mentioned earlier, the Uwell Crown Mini has an amazing dual concentrator system. However, there is a slight variation between the original version and the mini version. When it comes to the actual dual concentrator units, the mini version comes with two single concentrator coils instead of the three that are featured in the original system. These single concentrators are capable of providing the same great results that the original concentrators can provide. Therefore, if you are looking for a power kit that can provide you with unbelievable wattage ranges, then the Uwell Crown Mini would be the perfect choice.

Overall, the Uwell Crown Pod Kit is one of the most popular kits on the market today. The unique two-stage airflow adjustment slider makes this kit very easy to install and use. It also has a battery capacity of 1500 watts, which makes it the perfect solution if you are looking for a powerful device that will provide you with exceptional air flow in a compact design.