Vaping at Its Best With The Eleaf VaporFi Mod – Vape Review

The Eleaf Vape is one of the hottest electronic smoking devices currently on the market. You can choose to get the standard version or the superior version that’s packed with all kinds of vaporizing goodies. The difference between the two is pretty vast, but we’ll stick with the standard version for our review here. You simply charge your device from an outlet and then use it like a cigarette. You just add in your own e-liquid, your favorite flavors and you’re all set.

Now let’s take a look at the vaporfi, which is one of the newest products to come out from the Eleaf Vape product line. Vaporfi makes use of a liquid flavor that it heats up before it ever reaches your mouth. This allows you to get a very flavorful e-liquid to smoke. There are several different vapor products available, but for our purposes here, the vaporfi alone will serve us fine.

Vape Mod or VaporFi as it’s commonly called, comes in two different kits: the Vape Starter Kit and the Vape Pod Kit. These two kits provide you with the necessary materials to start off with your own vapor experience. The starter kit has everything you need to get your juices flowing. The vapor kit on the other hand does a bit more. If you do not have any e-liquid available yet, the vapor kit comes with three different flavors that will give you what you need.

Now let’s get down to the actual vapor itself. It comes in two different styles, the box mod and the smaller mod. The box mod style is by far the most popular among vapers. It plugs right into your cigarette lighter and gives you the vapor you crave with no fuss or bother. Plus, it is extremely compact, which makes it very convenient to carry around with you.

The smaller Eleaf Vape Mod also allows you to smoke while you vaper but you must use a replacement tank. The tanks for these are not as common as the larger ones due to Eleaf not producing as much of their product. That said, it still comes in a neat little box and you can purchase one that lasts a long time. It includes e-liquid which is highly recommended, comes with a charger and comes with two extra batteries so you can take two hits at a time.

So how does it work? Pretty simple actually. You simply turn on the mod, put in a fresh hit of e-liquid (be sure to choose the correct flavor! ), place your finger over the power button for a second and you have vapor. Very sleek and effective and these vapors produce some serious nostalgia.

I have to be honest and say I am a big fan of these box mods and I plan on getting at least one of these eventually. I really like the fact that you do not have to constantly replace batteries or worry about the device getting hot. Vaping gets pretty boring after a while in my opinion, but these battery saving boxes keep you interested for much longer than I would like.

If you are thinking of getting a Eleaf Vape Mod, check out the vaporfi and see if you like it. I am fairly certain that you will be happy with it. The price is reasonable, and it looks great sitting on your desk. It is extremely easy to use and get the results you are looking for in a price range that is very appealing to most people. All in all, this is a solid product.

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