Uwell Vaporizers Review

Uwell has produced a product line that is well known among competitive users. Their products are famous for their convenience, performance and top notch quality. These are available at affordable prices to fit any budget. Here is a look at the Uwell Caliburn.

The Uwell Caliburn comes in two models, the Mini and the Pod. The Pod system consists of a rechargeable battery and a 2ml uwell caliburn e-liquid capacity cartridge. The coil on the cartridge is very similar to a tank or atomizer coil with its stainless steel insulated wire in a perpendicular structure.

The main difference between the two models is the battery section, which is located outside the stainless steel coil. This allows for an easy and clean change when needed, as opposed to the older style of pod which was found inside. In this pod system, the coils are separated, allowing for a clean change every time the batteries need replacing.

The second style of Uwell product is the Mini. The Mini utilizes the same battery compartment design of the Pod, but it utilizes the USB port to allow for charging and syncing. Although there is a separate connection for your computer, this does not interfere with the actual functioning of the unit. Since there is no separate battery or section for the computer connection, the battery life is limited to the amount of actual charge the unit can maintain before needing to be recharged.

As with all devices manufactured by Uwell, the Caliburn allows for a quick and simple way to charge your battery as well. Although there are other quick charge systems available, the Uwell Battery Pod charging system is by far the quickest and easiest. With the ability to simply plug in the device and charge the battery in a few minutes, you do not have to deal with the hassles of separately installing a battery or trying to figure out how to connect the computer and USB ports. For those that may not have access to charge leads or power cords, this makes it very convenient.

One feature that some users will find very helpful is the auto shut off feature. Once the Uwell battery Pod is charged to its maximum capacity, the auto shut off feature will turn the device off and allow it to save power so it can turn off automatically when the battery is completely full. This feature can come in very handy when there are multiple users in the house who utilize the device, or if you like to keep the fire button on until you leave the home or are otherwise not using the device.

The most popular feature of the Uwell product line is undoubtedly the direct inhale power delivery system. This is designed to mimic the electronic cigarette experience that you would get from an actual electronic cigarette. The draw activation method allows the user to put in a pre-determined amount of power into the device and will provide a constant, steady stream of vapor until the battery level has been depleted. You can set the Uwell unit to give you a low draw activation if you want a more subtle experience or to constantly buzz away while you are smoking.

When you use the Uwell System you can expect to get high quality components that are extremely durable. The device has a standard of build quality that is nothing less than the highest standard of quality that you can find in an electronic device. The Uwell batteries can be used in any vaporizer that uses standard pods or they can be used with the new “dry hit” Uwell pods which feature a wick that locks in the moisture and allows the customer to maintain a perfect draw for up to an hour. If you have never tried a Uwell product before, you will definitely want to give the Uwell the opportunity to prove how good it is.