Uwell Vaporizer Review

The Uwell uppercut tank is the newest in vaporizer devices from Uwell. Best known for their huge sub ohm vapes, and now newer, unique sub-ohm tanks, Uwell has simply added a tank system to their already stellar lineup. It uses 2 cartridges filled with 1.4-liter bottles of juice per each cartridge and utilizes a top-fill method to ensure that no air gaps exist between the inner walls of the tank and the outer walls of your e-juice. The outer shell of the tank is made from clear Mela glass, while the insides are made of a comfortable, soft, rubber material. To use the Uwell uppercut, all you have to do is unscrew the bottom tube from its housing and fill the tank with your pre-filled juice bottle, or you can purchase an empty Mela glass bottle and fill it yourself.


The Uwell uppercut comes in two different styles. The Uwell Pro Pod Vape lets you enjoy a higher quality of vapor, along with a larger tank. The Uwell Sub Ohm Tank combines the tank system of the Uwell or with a pre-filled mela glass bottle, for a convenient and simple way to enjoy your vapor. Both styles come with two sub ohm tanks which are covered with mela fleece for extra comfort. This tank system is compatible with most Uwell products.

With the Uwell Uwellsub Ohm Tank you get four standard sizes of pre-filled Mela Glass Bottles, along with two parallel coils. Each of these coils are designed to produce an extremely potent herbal blend. One of these parallel coils is designed to produce a soothing warmth inside the tank, which calms the nerves, and increases circulation. The other parallel coil is designed to produce a soothing sensation, which relaxes the muscles, and loosens the tension from the body. The Uwell Uwellsub Tank combines these two powerful components in order to provide you with a truly effective relief system.

As mentioned above, the Uwell Uwellsubs comes in two different styles. There is the Uwell Pro Kit, which is the smallest of the two styles. This kit comes with everything that you need and has a built in rechargeable battery. It is easy to use and fast to get started with, due to the built in charging station. This kit also includes the matching oil and patch kit. With the Pro Kit you get an additional battery that can be used when the normal batteries in the Uwell Sub Ohm Tank run out.

The Uwell Authority is a little more heavy duty. It has a longer battery capacity and is powered by a single high power Ultrasonic Motor. It has a stainless steel plate and is over twice as strong as the Uwell Pro Kit. If you want to experience the ultimate in vaporizing your herbal blends, then this is the one for you. It comes with a charging station, two tanks, and has a total of eleven watts of power, which enables it to vaporize herbs in around one hour.

The Uwell Star Triggers is very convenient if you like to have multiple devices at once. This is because it has a maximum wattage setting and has five buttons which are dedicated to switching between the modes, which include the regular vaporizing mode, the frosty mode, and the extra juicy mode. Most of the Uwell Star Triggers will have an automatic shutoff system, so you don’t need to worry about shutting it off while you are using it. The two tanks that come with this device also make it very convenient. One tank holds approximately one pound of buds, while the other tank holds approximately three pounds.

The Uwell Vaporonic Smoke Kit includes a vaporizer and two coils. The Uwell Star Triggers will work with the Uwell Vaporonic Coil System, which is made by Via Health. This system will give you a high quality high-flavored herb product that will keep providing you with great flavor every single time you take it. Some people notice that this kit is a little bit pricey, but it is worth every penny. This vaporizer has a cool function where it will auto shut off when it gets overheated, so there isn’t any danger of turning it off while you are using it.

Some advantages that you will notice with the Uwell Veggie Kit are the built in battery, the pod system, the two tanks, the auto shutoff, and the high quality build. The vaporizer also has an extra heat exchanger so it can heat the herb to the right temperature, without burning your fingers. It also has two adjustable airflow settings, a variable speed fan, and auto shut off, and it has an efficient dual battery charging system. All of these advantages make the Uwell Pod Vaporizer one of the best on the market today.