Uwell Vaporizer Review – 3 Reasons Why You Need a Uwell Pod


Uwell Vaporizer Review – 3 Reasons Why You Need a Uwell Pod

The Uwell Sub Ohm Toner is the fist ever pod-based vaporizer by Uwell. Best known for their sub-ohm tanks and now-previous Vaporizer pens, Uwell just adds a pod method to their lineup. It uses 2 ML refillable capsules containing 1.4-endants of parallel coils. These coils are very strong and are extremely durable, making the taper an extremely efficient method of filling the tank.

The first thing that you notice about the Uwell Sub Ohm Toner is how it looks. This is a large glass tank with three rows of parallel coils connected to the body. There is also a single lever attached to the bottom of the tank, which activates the reservoir. Once the lever is rotated, a continuous flow of air is produced. That’s the reason why this taper style is so popular – the constant flow of air is required to fill the tank.

The second thing you notice about the Uwell Sub Ohm Toner is that it is easy to use. To utilize this vaporizer, all you have to do is unscrew the tank from the machine and attach the battery. Next, place the two preloaded ejuices in the reservoir and run the vaporizer on high. Over a period of time you’ll notice the coils expand and contract. After a while you’ll notice that your coils are even and you’re ready to go!

While the Uwell Sub Ohm Toner is one of the best pod based vaporizers, it does have some flaws. First, because there is no filter, you will experience lots of “dry hits” and you’ll end up burning your lips from the hot steam. If you are prone to burn, this is not a good choice. Also, it is important to make sure that the correct amount of pods are included with your purchase.

The Uwell AA Battery by Cyalume is probably one of the best pod vapes available on the market. It uses a NiCad battery and will give you amazing vapor production every time. The AA battery is able to power all of the features on the Uwell, including the dry hit. That means you can get massive flavors and draw from the deep discounts that are available. The ability to adjust the settings is another great perk of the AA battery, which makes the Uwell one of the best AA batteries to buy.

One of the things that separates the Uwell from other electronic devices is its size. At only ten inches long, the Uwell is very convenient to carry wherever you go. Plus, the device is extremely portable, which means you can take it with you anywhere. If you enjoy vaporizing your e-juice, then the Uwell is perfect for you because of its unbelievable battery capacity of only a 520 mah battery capacity.

Like many other vaporizers on the market, the Uwell includes an awesome glass carafe to keep your finished product cool. The large-sized glass carafe allows you to get multiple long draws from one single use of the device. It also helps to keep the temperature consistent so you don’t have to constantly adjust the temperature of the device. This will ensure that you get excellent results every time you decide to use your Uwell and never experience an unsatisfactory result.

Many people who are new to pod electronics are often confused about the differences between standard and advanced pod systems. However, once they experience the incredible flavors that are possible with a Uwell, they realize that all of the hype is true. The quality of the vapor is just as high as with higher end systems, which is why so many people are starting to turn towards the Uwell as their new smoking device of choice. With the exceptional quality of this unit, along with the exceptional flavor, the Uwell really deserves to be considered among the top of the line!