Uwell Crown Vaporizer Review – Uwell Crown Basic Set Up

Uwell Crown

Uwell Crown Vaporizer Review – Uwell Crown Basic Set Up

The Uwell Crown Pod System is an excellent vaporizer for anyone’s serious vapes. Made out of lightweight, high-impact aluminum, the uwell crown vaporizer is constructed out of durable, lightweight aluminum alloy. The body is also impact resistant and can handle light to moderate falls. It can easily be taken apart (if you plan on building your own unit) to fit in your car, bag, or even backpack. The vaporizer body is constructed out of high-impact resistant stainless steel, so it can be taken on camping trips, as it can be worn while working out or doing housework.

The vaporizer body of the uwell vaporizer can hold up to five hundred puffs at a time. This allows for an incredible amount of vaporization capacity. The uwell utilizes a single-chambered, stainless steel chamber that is designed to keep the heating elements hot so that they don’t overheat. The two chambers that make up the Vapor Cube System are designed in a way that allows you to conveniently replace a burnt-out coil, without having to completely rebuild the system.

The uwell e-lucent Vapor Cube System consists of two parts. The first part is the Vapor Cube, which houses the heating element. The second part is the Uwell Sub Ohm Tank, which contains a pre-filled, high-quality silicone elastomeric cup. The Uwell Sub Ohm Tank is extremely durable and incredibly easy to replace if ever the tank should become damaged or the coils need to be replaced. The Uwell Crown vaporizer also comes with a built-in, battery power back-up which is included with your purchase.

The vaporizer operates with 2 high-performance ceramic chips that work in conjunction to provide an incredible amount of vapor per hit. The Uwell Crown line offers sub-ohm tanks for superior performance and makes it possible to combine two flavors in one tank! The second generation crown tank is available with three different coil sizes to satisfy any preference. This amazing vaporizing device is also one of the most well-known, highest rated and highest selling electronic cigarettes on the market today.

The Uwell Crown Vaporizer is available in three different kits. The Original Kit has everything you need to get started including the replacement coil, high quality silicone base, screen, ceramic chips and the silicone driptray. The Deluxe Kit offers everything the original kit has plus some extras such as a sapphire blue glass, an adjustable stainless steel mouthpiece, a mouthguard, and the ultra-soft Uwell Blue Pearl Drip Tip. The kit also comes with the replacement coil, high quality silicone base, screen, ceramic chips and the super-soft Uwell Blue Pearl Drip Tip.

The Uwell Pod Systems includes the ultimate kit for your electronic smoking experience. The Pod System Kit 1250mah is perfect for anyone that wants to enjoy a long lasting, powerful, all day cigarette without the dreaded “back to back” feeling. The patented Pod Systems allows for an endless amount of customizable set up options, so you can achieve the exact temperature you need. When using the system, you can adjust the temperature at which the coils are placed. The Pro variant has an adjustable thermostat that is controlled by the same pods you use in the original system.

With the Uwell Crown Pod system you have the ability to change your actual temperature from a traditional button style to a battery operated variable. This is accomplished by simply turning the included battery or plugging a charger into the included battery compartment. The included remote control gives you the ability to set a temperature between 200 degrees and 250 degrees Fahrenheit. You can even adjust the airflow adjustment slider from seven different settings to six different settings.

The Uwell Crown consists of two parts. The exterior of the unit has a matte black finish, while the inside has a stainless steel touch screen. The touch screen is easy to use with the included LCD display. You simply touch your finger on the screen to start vaporizing your e-juice. Adjusting the airflow setting up and down adjusts the amount of air flow through the system. Utilizing the included battery will allow you to vaporize your liquids for up to sixty minutes straight without waiting for it to charge up.