The Unboxing of the VOOPOO DRIFT & Vapes Review

The is renowned for their eye-catching, ultra-modern designs and powerful vaporizing output, which will deliver satisfying flavorful vapor experience and visual pleasure. The very first Vaporizer released for Drag series was the, a high-quality box mod, with the use of GENE Chip for impressive full-bowl output settings. It’s stylish and compact, yet surprisingly powerful and extremely reliable. With an incredibly large vapor output and impressively pure flavor, this is an essential vaporizer for any serious Aromatherapist.

voopoo drag

Like all other vaporizers produced by voodoo, the Voopoo Drag comes with a convenient battery door. This feature allows you to simply remove the battery door and put it back, without any complicated installation processes. You can even completely replace the entire unit with a new one if you wish, with an assortment of color schemes and built-in fans. The easy-to-use electronic control panel makes it an ideal mod for any experienced user.

The Voopoo Drag also features a uniquely revolutionary “intelligent overheating protection”, which will shut down the unit once the temps rise too high. The device will shut down if you fail to recognize that the temps are too high, preventing damage to your equipment as well as your health. This is the very first thing that a lot of vapers liked about this particular unit. The real innovation is that this overheating protection is intelligently programmed, without shutting down the Voopoo Drag without your permission. It is a safety measure that no other vaporizer in the market has!

After taking a look at the functions and the unique technology of the Voopoo Drag, it is important for us to know some of the most common questions and issues faced by users when they start using the product. In fact, the biggest Voopoo Drag problem seems to be the user manual! A huge number of users reported that their Voopoo Drag did not work properly and caused a lot of problems when used for the first time. Their issues mainly centered on the difficulty in understanding the layout of the mod and the in-depth information found inside the app. Some reported that the app was very confusing and difficult to understand and use. While others thought the user manual was excellent and had all the relevant information needed.

In the process of trying to help users understand the Voopoo Drag more, we conducted a number of tests. During one test, we decided to use the user manual to compare it with a conventional tank mod. It turned out that the overall efficiency of the two models was about the same. We were quite impressed with how easily the batteries drain on the Zinc Alloy model but felt that the conventional model was slightly superior. With this test, we hoped to get an idea of how well the product performs when under ideal conditions, but were not able to confirm this aspect.

After running several tests on both types of the VOOPOO drag, we were then able to conclude that the efficiency of the device depends largely on how well one can learn how to use it properly. Once you are able to navigate through the app, you will find it fairly easy to set the controls to the best positions, but even so, the Voopoo drag proved to be slightly harder to use than the conventional type. In order to find out why this is, we conducted another test with two different sets of batteries, one in each condition – charging and discharging – and recorded the time it took for the devices to complete each task.

The build quality of the devices is another area in which most users give praise. In the case of the Voopoo drag and vapes, users were able to witness first hand the effectiveness of the built quality as they were able to experience the drag in a regular base model. Although the build quality of the box mod is not as strong as that of the standard, many users still express doubts whether it will last as long as the former.

It seems that overall, the VOOPOO drag and vapes really deliver. They are powerful, fast and have a very solid build quality that will last a long time. For the cost, you get more than what you expect and this is evident by the fact that there are so many products on the market which are far more expensive. The one area where the price really suffers is with the charging system. Many users have expressed that they would have been better off purchasing the devices without the need for USB charging.