Product Review – Modules and Ohm PNP-VM1 Mesh Coil For Best vapor Production

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Product Review – Modules and Ohm PNP-VM1 Mesh Coil For Best vapor Production

Voopoo Drag is definitely one of the most popular drag brands ever launched in the market. The Drag brand are known for their striking patterns and potent, yet colorful output, that will bring overwhelming satisfying vaporizing sensation and visual pleasure to users. The Voopoo brand has been a huge success since its inception, creating a buzz all across the country. While the brand has been successful till now, there is still no denying the fact that it has been a continuously moving target due to constant innovations in its composition. There is really no way to keep track of all the changes and innovations made by this company as they keep on changing the design and style of the drag pen.

A new innovation in the line of Voopoo drag pen is its Pod Modular System. With the help of this revolutionary concept, the users are able to enjoy the perfect vaporizer while not having to worry about different parts of the device. This innovative system allows the user to replace certain parts of the pods such as air filter, heating element, power cord and even the batteries with ease and convenience. Also, unlike the older version of pod modems, newer pod mods available in the market allow the users to replace certain parts of the device without much trouble.

The Pod Modular System is the most advanced part of the voodoo drag pen, however, if you compare it to its older siblings, you will realize that there are major differences. The biggest change is in terms of wattage. While the original pod modulates power according to the power of the cigarette used, the newer version includes an adjustable wattage option. This means that you can adjust the power that you need to get the vaporizer to produce the exact amount of vapor that you want. In addition to the wattage, this type of vaporizer now comes with the capability of changing the temperature according to the user’s preference. This feature is very beneficial for those who love to enjoy a flavorful but not too hot blend.

Another feature of this amazing product is the inclusion of an internal battery. The internal battery is designed to charge automatically, thus, it ensures that your drag mod always remains powered and ready to use. In addition to this, the 4.5ml bottle design of the pnp pod tank allows the users to replace the entire unit very easily. This means that you don’t have to worry about purchasing extra components just to replace or recharge the internal battery of the pod. The Pod Modular System comes with an instructional DVD that helps users master the necessary steps of using their product effectively.

One of the most popular and highly recommended accessories is the Voopoo Drag Sensor. This useful product assists the users in determining whether the puff counter is full or not. When the counter is full, the user will be alerted by a text message from the machine informing them that the container is fully loaded. The fire button is also emitted when the pod runs out of air, thus, users do not have to worry about using the fire button to manually add more air into their unit.

In addition to these two amazing products, there are also many other benefits in utilizing the Voopoo Pod Modular System. Some of these benefits include a hassle free e-juice experience, a longer lifespan for the batteries and overall improved functionality. There is also the Voopoo Vaporizer, which provides superior vapor production, even in the highest wattage mode. This is possible since the temperature variation is less while using the high wattage modes of this wonderful device.

The Voopoo Pod Modular System comes with four separate parts: the Pod, the PNP coils, the Ohm PNP-VM1 Mesh Coil, and the USB connector. The Pod holds the electronic components and is easy to assemble. The PNP coils are the ones that give power to the Ohm PNP-VM1 mesh coil. The Ohm PNP-VM1 mesh coil is the one that gives the vapor its characteristic smell. Once all the components are assembled, you can easily fire up the Voopoo Pod Modular System and start raking in the vapor quota.

Although the VOOPOO drag mod does not necessarily have a longer lifespan than most batteries, it definitely outperforms them in terms of performance and durability. Moreover, the fact that there is no need for refilling the batteries is already an advantage in and of itself. Therefore, in just over a month of using the drag mod, you can already enjoy the numerous benefits it offers. The Voopoo batteries can hold up to 400 watts of capacity and run for several hours on a single charge, making them highly affordable, as well.