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OBS Cube X Kit Review:Nice Vape Kits

The OBS Cube X is the follow up to the OBS Cube Vape. It’s got the same tall, cube-like shape and likewise fires at up to 80W, nevertheless there are a couple of notable distinctions. For one, the Cube X is a bit taller and larger than its predecessor. Secondly, the Cube X foregoes the 3000mAh built-in battery and rather takes a single 18650 battery for power.

The Cube X set includes the OBS Cube Tank; the exact same tank that came with the OBS Cube. This time though, you get the M3 triple mesh coil which is supposed to be a cloud beast and exceptionally delicious.

OBS Cube X Kit Evaluation– Single 18650 Battery Mod
Box Contents

OBS Cube X Box Contents

1 x Cube X 80W Device
1 x Cube Sub-Ohm Tank
1 x 0.2 ohm M1 Mesh Coil (ranked for 50-80W).
1 x 0.15 ohm M3 Fit together Coil (rated for 50-70).
1 x Spare Bubble Glass.
1 x MicroUSB Cable television.
1 x User Handbook.


80W Optimum Wattage.
Zinc-Alloy Construction.
0.96″ LED Display.
Wattage Mode Just.
4mL Tank Capacity.
Double Slot Adjustable Air Flow.
OBS Cube X Mod– Design & Build.

OBS Cube X Kit

The Cube X looks similar to the Cube however it’s a little taller and broader at 88.5 mm by 30.5 mm. It likewise comes in different styles and patterns. I got the “Bloody Mary” design which is a sort of tribal wolf pattern in red and black. It’s semi-reflective and the style is on all four sides of the Cube X. It’s my favorite of the four patterns available but the Rainbow Sweet pattern also looks very attractive. Neat.

You would think that a cube shaped mod wouldn’t be really comfy to hold however it remarkably is. The corners of the Cube X are rounded which makes it in shape really nicely in the hand.

Construct quality is also excellent. The design plates appear to be under some sort of glass or a great plastic. I believed that they would scratch super quickly however they have not. When I started utilizing it and the black paint on the body has also held up well without any fading or scratching, the gadget is still nearly as scratch free as.

On one side of the Cube X are the buttons. The buttons are firm and don’t activate too quickly but they do not take a lot of pressure to use.

It looks a little cloudy due to the fact that it’s recessed underneath the glass however it’s extremely small clouding. The screen shows your battery charge level, wattage, coil resistance, voltage, a puff counter and your puff time.

Unlike the OBS Cube, the Cube X takes a single 18650 battery. The battery door is hinged and opens utilizing a little switch. It’s spring loaded and works great but I did have an issue the first time I attempted to open it. , if you do not have actually a battery installed it won’t open on its own so you have to pull down on the switch and pull the door open at the very same time.. If your fingernails aren’t grown out it can be a little difficult. The battery sits favorable side down on this mod so make sure you insert it correctly.

Characteristic & Functions

OBS Cube X Features

The Cube X is an easy mod. There’s no temperature control mode, bypass mode or variable voltage mode. There isn’t even a menu. There are no settings to fiddle with and no modes to alter; wattage mode up to 80W is all that you get.

If you’re someone who simply utilizes wattage mode or are new to vaping then this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. If you utilize temperature level control and bypass modes routinely, it’s definitely an offer breaker.

Oddly however, turning the device off resets the puff counter. Seeing as there’s no method to lock the firing of the gadget, you’ll have to turn it off to be safe when throwing it in your pocket.

While you can’t lock the fire button, the change buttons auto-lock themselves when you take a draw. To open them you simply need to press either modification button three times. As soon as you’re done selecting your wattage you can push the fire button and it will lock itself once again.

I believe that this is an excellent feature to prevent you from accidentally changing the wattage but it would of been better if you could likewise in some way lock the fire button. As it is, I turned the device off everytime I stole it anyway.

OBS Cube Tank– Style & Build.

OBS Cube X Tank

The included Cube Tank is a 24mm diameter sub ohm tank. It looks right at home on top of the Cube X as the color and drip pointer match with the pattern of the device.

I like the design of this tank because it resembles the mod: basic. CUBE is inscribed on the bottom air flow ring and the leading cap has a couple of lines inscribed also. Otherwise it’s a quite easy tank. The leading cap comes off with a half twist and this is how you access the fill ports. The top cap is very safe and secure and will not come off without purposefully attempting to remove it.

The fill holes are two big kidney shaped ports that makes it easy to fill the tank. I utilized both dropper bottles and pointy-tipped bottles without issue. When you’re done filling the tank you have to push down on the fill cap and give it a quarter twist clockwise to secure it back onto the tank. As I said previously, once it’s on it’s actually on. I’ve had no dripping from the top cap area.

You get two glass sections with this tank. The preinstalled straight glass will hold 2ml while the bubble glass expands the capacity to 4ml. I really got an extra bubble glass with my kit so I think I’ll consider myself fortunate. I never ever use the straight glass that includes tanks anyhow and instead I always opt to utilize the bubble glass. There’s no disadvantage; only the benefit of increased capability which in turn indicates less refilling.

There are two large adjustable air flow slots on the bottom of the tank. With the airflow closed you get a somewhat limited draw however there’s still a lot of air.


OBS Cube X Coils

The two included coils are an M1 single mesh coil and M3 triple mesh coil:.

M1– Single Mesh, 0.20 ohm ranked for 50-80W.
M3– Triple Mesh, 0.15 ohm ranked for 50-70W.
Both coils are super thirsty and use a lot of ejuice. This is the case with a lot of mesh coils.

You can alter the coil by unscrewing the top/glass section from the base of the tank and then screwing the coil in.


OBS Cube X Performance

I have to state that the OBS Cube X is a great set to vape with. The simplicity of the OBS Cube X might be too easy for some, however I believe that this is truly what makes it so good.

Battery performance is one downside to the Cube X. A single 18650 doesn’t get you quite vaping time, specifically when utilizing the consisted of coils. The M1 and M3 require high wattages to work their finest and this isn’t something that the Cube X can output for over half a day with a single battery.

Utilizing an LG HG2, my battery was far too drained by 4pm to output the 65 or 70W I had it set at and was instead firing at 45 or 35W. You definitely need to carry an additional battery with you if you’re going to be vaping heavily throughout the day.

As for the tank and coil efficiency, I have numerous positive things to say. The 0.20 ohm triple mesh coil was remarkable and provided yummy and precise flavor. The flavor is really in advance with this coil.

Wicking was likewise excellent and I had no dry hits even while chain vaping. Ejuice goes extremely rapidly though so I discovered myself refilling a minimum of twice a day while using the triple mesh coil.

The 0.15 ohm coil was less flavorful than the 0.20 ohm coil however still great. I got tasty flavor and accurate recreation of the notes in my ejuice. I discovered this coil to be best at 75W which is where I got warm but enjoyable vapor with the air flow shut down. For being just a single mesh coil the flavor was only slightly listed below the triple mesh.


OBS Cube X Review

The OBS Cube X is an excellent mod and the Cube tank is a terrific tank; they’re just not the best together. The coils require so much power that they drain pipes a single 18650 battery too quickly.

The Cube X Mod would make a great very first device for somebody simply entering into vaping. It does not have the features of some other mods but the simpleness is what I liked. It’s easy to use and there’s absolutely nothing to mess with.

The Cube Tank is also excellent. The coils deliver awesome taste and it does not leakage. If you’re conscious of the quantity of ejuice you use though (and who isn’t truly), it’s a thirsty monster that will have you refilling a minimum of when per day.

I would advise the OBS Cube X mod and the OBS Cube Tank separately to be utilized with a different mod/tank. A single 18650 drains pipes much too rapidly to support the coils for more than half a day unless you’re not vaping really greatly.

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