Modify Your Smoking Habit With AEGIS Boost

If you are a vapor enthusiast, then you will like the new Vandy Vapor Jackaroo AEGIS system. It has a very sleek design that makes it very convenient to use while you are on the go. It features a rechargeable battery, which offers twice the amount of charging as compared to the normal AEG. In this AEGiS system you can not only charge your AEG through the cigarette lighter port but also through a wall outlet. This means that you get more options for where to place your vaporizer. It can be placed on any desktop or even on a bedside table.

aegis boost

The Geekvape Aegis Boost is a tabletop vaporizer, which features a compact body. With a built in rechargeable lithium ion battery pack, the AEGis Boost Pro allows for simultaneous use on multiple devices. The AEGis Boost comes with a tasteful and attractive stainless steel body which has two concentric bands. There are also a number of different wattage settings which provide a very comfortable vapor for your taste. The maximum wattage setting is rated for sixty watts, while the other wattage settings can be used up to four times as much as the maximum wattage setting.

The Vandy Vapor Jackaroo Pod Kit is a vaporizer accessory which makes your own AEGiS. With this kit you get a fully detailed instruction manual, the necessary parts and the vaporizing chamber. Included with the kit are the vaporizer and the jackaroo pod which is designed to combine the best of both. It is very easy to use and the instructions are clear and easy to follow. The vapor produced by the AEGis Boost is extremely smooth and tasty and the flavor of this product cannot be compared to any other products on the market today.

The AEGis Boost utilizes a high quality quartz heating element which is extremely energy efficient and provides a healthy vapor each time. In addition to the high quality heating element, the AEGis Boost is complimented with a digital electronic airflow control ring. The airflow control ring is extremely easy to use, works with the power of your hands and gives you full control of the temperature of the airflow.

The AEGis Boost Pro Kit is an extremely versatile AEGi product. It has the ability to use on a variety of devices such as the vaporizer or the handheld. It features the unique technology of a microprocessor and a digital electronic airflow control ring. The microprocessor enables the unit to monitor the temperature and other variables of your surroundings. It then adjusts the resistance settings to the perfect temperatures and speed of delivery to ensure that you get a quick and clean hit every time.

The AEGis Boost also has a unique Vaporizer Kit. This kit comes with two tanks, which are made from stainless steel and are filled with silicone. Inside these tanks there are mini batteries and a USB cable. When turned on, the AEGis Boost automatically plugs into the USB port and begins warming the tank. As it warms up, it creates a column of vapor that is released through the top of the unit. Many vapers who enjoy this incredible product find that they enjoy using it even more when it is plugged into a computer and powered up with a vaporizer such as the Jackaroo Mod.

The AEGis Boost also includes a vaporizer called the Jackaroo Pod Kit. The Jackaroo Pod Kit has been designed specifically with the vaper in mind. The pod jackaroo kit is an extremely useful accessory to have if you love the idea of being able to maximize your electronic device’s power without wasting valuable battery power. With a simple twist of a dial, the power from your batteries can be turned down to a comfortable amount and the temperature of the air in your lungs can be increased for a more efficient burning of your tobacco.

If you are a taper and enjoy using a superior product like the AEGis Boost then you should consider purchasing this product. This amazing kit can be used with any vaporizer or electric heating system that is powered by a lithium battery. This is one of the most versatile products on the market today and anyone who want to save battery power while maximizing the flavor of their tobacco should definitely consider using this excellent vaporizer and all the great things that it can do.

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