voopoo 2 Refresher Kit Review

The is a compact, two-in-one dual voltage mode, which uses the new 32-bit ultra high tech chip. The Drag features a very effective over-current protection system. It does not have an alarm but does have a very loud LED light that will turn on when the batteries are finished discharging. The chips inside the drag are quite similar to the ones in other Vaporesso products as well, which is great because it allows you to have a product that is functional, reliable, and affordable all at the same time.

voopoo drag

The comes with a neat little feature. While it doesn’t utilize the typical rectangular battery door design, it does incorporate a unique shape and style. When the power is applied, the device shifts its weight to allow for easy charging via the USB port. Because it is not a battery door, it will not interfere with any current that is supplied by your computer. The USB port is also used to charge other items like chargers and mobile phones.

This product is similar to the original Voopoo drag, but with some minor additions. The first difference between the two is that the drag x plus has two extra batteries, one in the bottom and one in the top. You can easily remove these. The kit is no longer available with just one battery door. You can now purchase the entire drag kit, including the batteries.

The second main feature is that this product is actually an advanced pod mod kit. The technology inside the product is much more advanced than what we see in other pod mod kits. The pod mod basically turns your regular cell phone into an electric e-mail recipient. It also includes an alarm clock, a clock, and a timer all on the same unit. All of these items are charged by the main unit itself.

The new style of this product is quite sleek compared to the original. Instead of being large, it is compact looking and most importantly, it looks great. It has a very futuristic look to it that I love. The Voopoo drag 2 refresh utilizes an infrared heat transmitter. This makes the whole unit extremely accurate as long as you are holding it the right way.

The first thing that I noticed about the new style of Voopoo drag mod was the fact that it has no wires. All of the wires were neatly hidden behind a clear cover, except for the one on the back that connects the charging cord to the main unit. That one has a red color to it that is easily visible through the transparent covering. To me this looked very nice and neat.

One thing that I did notice about this unique device was that there is no longer a need to hold the phone as it charges. I know that some people still hold it in their hand while charging, but really, the amount of time needed to charge this particular mod is less than 20 minutes. The other great feature of the Voopoo drag mod is the extremely accurate custom vaporizing performance. In order to get the perfect flavorful vapor every time, I simply put my finger on the scale and watch the number change quickly. It is truly amazing.

The Voopoo drag 2 refresh kit comes with two different sizes of battery door covers. You can order either a half inch or a full sized battery door cover according to the size of your device. I have personally tried the smaller sized ones and they work fine, but for some reason the larger ones give better flavor. If you are looking for a fast easy way to get your mod ready then definitely check out the voodoo drag 2 refresh kit.