How Does the VOOPO Coffee Pod System Work?

The VOOPOO range of mobile phone accessories is growing bigger every month with the introduction of new features, exciting new packaging, and marketing ideas. VOOPOO has now teamed up with a company called Pod Supply Pro, which supplies us with quality Pods and additional accessories. VOOPOO has taken it one step further by introducing a new product known as the Pod Tanks. These tanks are excellent for traveling as they keep your VOIP phone secure and free from water damage.

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The VOOPOO VINCI 2 Pod Tank is a durable addition to your personal digital assistant. Adding liquid into your PnP pod is easy; simply detach the top pod from the old 510 bases and fill it with silicone-sealed hydrogel liquid via the silicone-sealed adaptor port on the bottom. You can then use this easy process to switch out individual coiled pods or switch your PnP Tank from regular pod mode to water mode (uses standard watertight conductors). This unique product is fully compatible with the popular VOOPOO VINCI 2 Pod (a high-capacity model that is capable of storing more than twelve Pods at a time). Also compatible with the Pod Supply Pro range, this Pod Tank comes with two standard Pods (for the front and rear of your vehicle) and also a C Stack which is a handy space-saving feature for those who need to keep their unit in a confined space.

An excellent VOOPOO accessory to own, the VOOPOO Coils are removable and reusable, which means you do not have to change your unit every year. Each individual coil can be purchased separately to maintain the correct resistance level for each specific type of pod, ensuring that your system remains efficient at all times. There are two types of VOOPO coils available, one being a standard copper spiral wound onto the stainless steel bases. These coils are slightly larger than standard coiled coils and provide greater resistance to moisture and heat.

The VOOPOO Adjustable Airflow Adapter allows for the adjustment of airflow through the entire length of the coiled pod. Some models come with a choice of three different settings, with one being the highest-rated speed. The other two settings enable the VOOPO drag pod to operate at an accelerated rate (mod drag), increasing airflow and drag through your vehicle. This feature is perfect for keeping your vehicle cool during the hottest summer months and will help to maximize the performance of your VOOPO system.

A VOOPOO Vinci 2 kit that does not come with an adaptor is often an excellent choice due to the fact that it can be used with a wide variety of performance exhausts. The VOOPO infinite airflow system allows you to upgrade any aftermarket exhaust system to improve the flow rates, power, performance, and efficiency. The VOOPO infinite airflow system utilizes two small holes positioned on the edge of each stainless steel bar, which is positioned onto the front edge of each cone. When used in conjunction with a compatible exhaust system, this offers a much larger increase in surface area, with a correspondingly larger increase in thrust. This is achieved due to the increased airflow from the two holes located at the front of each cone.

As there are two types of vents available for use with a VOOPO system, the VOOPO infinite airflow, and the VOOPO copper coil installation, it is important to understand the differences between the two. The VOOPO infinite airflow system is only available with a compatible airbox and an amplifier. Due to the fact that the airbox and amplifier are required to operate the infinite airflow, it is more likely to be used with high-performance mufflers. If you are interested in adding a copper coil to the rear of your car, you will need a compatible copper coil that matches the size of the screws that mount the airbox to the vehicle. Once your vehicle has been shipped to you, the installation process can begin by removing the screws and bolting the copper coil onto the vehicle. You may need to use some electrical tape to help seal the copper coil in place.

The VOOPO copper coil installation is not only limited to the shape of the cone as mentioned above, it also comes in different sizes. The VOOPO 6.5ml pod has a standard size of one inch but it can be sized up to five inches. The advantage to having a larger coil installed is that it increases the amount of airflow that can travel down the inside of the coffee bag. The smaller pod designs have a reduced amount of portability because it is difficult to change airflow levels with the larger pod designs without making a large hole in the packaging.

The VOOPO infinite airflow range is compatible with all styles of cars, whether they are a BMW, Mustang, Camaro, or any other vehicle. The biggest advantage of the VOOPO coffee pod is the ability to use it with the Vinci 2 pod systems. These two systems work in conjunction with each other in order to provide the best possible cup of coffee. The adjustable airflow makes it easy to manually control the amount of coffee that flows through the pod giving you a consistent tasting cup of coffee.

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