Build a Deck Box With the Dead Rabbit V2

The new Dead Rabbit V2 RDC comes in a more advanced and user-friendly design than the original. It features a new top vent to facilitate a better heat dissipation. It also has a larger bore and dual adjustable airflow capacity. The body is made out of strong and tough glass to make sure that no leakages occur while using this amazing kit. The deck is also made from tough and durable thermoplastic rubber so it can withstand even the harshest weather conditions.

dead rabbit v2

The new version also has the innovative angled top airflow design which not only enhances the cooling abilities but also helps to draw more air into the device. With the help of this unique airflow design, the temperature will be evenly distributed to give you the perfect ez heat source in any condition. The newly designed vents located on the side will help to efficiently remove heat from the bottom of your unit without disturbing anyone in the vicinity. The Honeycomb layout of the vent locations is a very good thing because they help in efficiently removing the warm air from the back of the device. The new and improved ductwork will not only enhance the overall performance of this device but will also prevent any problems associated with cross ventilation.

The two most important upgrades found in the Dead Rabbit v2 are the new dual battery pack and the new wide band airflow system. The new batteries have an effective lifespan ranging from five to eight hours. The new wide band airflow system ensures maximum compatibility and ease of use and the whole kit is compatible with most standard devices such as the Original VW Oasis and VW Polo. If you are looking for the perfect desktop vaporizer, the dead rabbit v2 is worth every penny.

While some people may consider the original version to be better, the newer version is actually superior in many respects. Most notably the fact that it includes two tanks instead of one, this means that there will be more drips to deal with and less leakage. The new wide band air flow system is also more efficient, delivering twice the volume of air into the tank. The user manual also covers a lot of ground compared to the previous version which is really good news for potential buyers.

The other major upgrade found in the dead rabbit v2 is the new top airflow design. This is achieved through the use of two ribbed stainless steel airflow plates positioned on either side of the air chamber. These ribbed plates help to maximize the surface area of the air column by allowing in cooler and moist air closer to the base of the heating element. The increase in surface area improves the ability of the air to get to all of the parts of the heating element thereby increasing efficiency. The ribbed design also helps to keep the airflow stable and doesn’t bow or twist as much as the original model, improving reliability.

One thing I didn’t like about the original model was the accidental release of hot air when removing the batteries. With the dead rabbit v2, one can now go back and forth between the two ribbed heaters without fear of getting your fingers burnt. The dual slotted top airflow control on this model allows for the same great performance but also has a safer release mechanism. It is important to note that both ribbed designs are self-cleaning and will need to be cleaned manually each time they are installed.

For those of you who have a desire for a less expensive model, then the dead rabbit rda should be of interest. The rda is less than a hundred dollars and includes everything you would expect, including the dual slotted top airflow control, the bubble glass door and a rda compatible fan. With the standard size of a Dremel tool, it only makes sense that it would include the same tooling necessary to build a deck box. The build deck box is removable so the manufacturer recommends that you use it in conjunction with the rda.

A new favorite of many DIY’ers is the dead rabbit v2. Like the first model, it is a powerful air cleaner that is compatible with RTA, universal, and double barrel decks alike. It includes the two adjustable nozzles that are included on all of the decks listed above as well as a two stage airflow system that takes moisture and temperature control to a new level. No other air cooler on the market offers such an exceptional array of features at such a reasonable price, and with so many options to choose from.

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