AEGIS Boost Review – Top Filling Pro Pod

aegis boost

The GeekVape aegis boost is one of the newest vaporizers from VandyVape. It’s great for use with both the GeekVape 2.5 kit and the original vandy vaporizer. Like most vaporizers, it has a variable wattage control to regulate the amount of vapor produced, and has a replaceable heating element for use with any heating method you might use. If you’re looking for a vaporizer that does everything except taste bad, this is your vaporizer.

The jack Rabbit Pod Kit is a very small, sleek and powerful vaporizer. It is a powerful air cooler with four preinstalled fans. The Jack Rabbit Pod utilizes the Ohm aegis boost system, which is very well known among the community. The jack rabbit comes with all of the accessories you would expect such as the replacement batteries, the mesh filter, the stainless steel screws, a clock, the original box, the carrying case, a clock and many other accessories. You will have to assemble the entire kit to enjoy this vaporizer.

This AEGIS boost model allows you to control the temperature of your vapors. It also allows you to mix your favorite e liquids with this unit. The vandyboys also has two clock models and a new tank. This tank is a little larger than the original and can accommodate all the juices you might want to put into your vaporizer. The tank is also guaranteed to leak at least a quart all the time, so make sure you buy a good one.

The vandy charger that comes with the Ohm aegis boost gives you all the juice you will need. It works with the Ohm aegis pod system so you do not have to mess around with connecting wires that may get in the way. The jackaroo mod also allows you to adjust the temperature with your dial and it includes a triple wire system that allows you to change the batteries without disconnecting them. It also has four metal plates that are adjustable and make it easy for you to control the airflow.

The micro usb charging station for the Ohm aegis pro and vandy charger provides a fast charge for the batteries. With both of these devices, you can use the micro usb ports to turn the power on and off without turning off the power at the same time. This feature makes it easy to use these devices even when you are out of batteries.

The upgraded aegis perk model has a wattage range of eighteen hundred and twenty-five to twenty-three hundred and fifty watts. It also has a flavor selection of one hundred and twenty-two flavors. The flavors include; raspberry, blueberry apple, chocolate orange, blackberry and peach. It is not very often that you find a power wattage that can make such a wide range of delicious flavors.

The Ohm aegis perk model also comes with two built in battery life adaptors. The built in adaptor can be used for any resistance and can handle coils up to two hundred and forty-five watts. The built in coil adaptor gives you eighty percent more wattage than the standard one hundred and twenty-five watt Adaptor. When you purchase this unit you can get the Ohm Boost along with the pod system and the Ohm Pro. The Ohm Boost has an electronic interface with the coils that gives you up to ten percent more durability over your standard coils.

The bottom line is that the AEGis Boost is the best kit for your new AEGi sidearm. It is light weight, compact, and has top filling pro pods that are designed for anyone to enjoy and use. You get a lot for your money with the aegis boost kit because it includes everything you need. You get a transmitter, battery and the pod system. You get a lot and for a reasonable price you get a great deal.

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